Stepmother Seduction

Watching TV with her stepson while her husband is out of town, Chelsea tells him how lonely she is. She puts the moves on the unsuspecting, dim-witted stepson - flirting with him in an obvious manner. He leaves to take a shower an she sneaks off behind him - following him to the shower. As he's washing off, he looks up in total surprise to see Chelsea peeling her robe off and sliding into shower with him. She gets down on her knees, comparing the hardness of his cock to his fathers, and gives his wet cock a good blow. Chelsea invites him to her bed where she sucks him some more before he mounts her and fucks her wildly in many different positions. After it's all said and done, there is no regret shown by either Chelsea or the stepson - in fact, she calls her husband to let him know how well his son has been behaving in his absence.

"Stepmother Seduction" - 43 minutes - $35

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